Real Estate & Property Management

As the real estate industry searches for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line, our real estate call center may be the solution your business has been looking for.

We have experience assisting this exciting line of business by scheduling property showings and recording realtor and client feedback after the showing. This way we’re able to know if the client is interested in buying without having your realtors deal with uncomfortable negative conversations.  Our Realtor call center helps your real estate business maintain a professional image by having an entire call center represent your realtor team, and also by lowering the costs of hiring full time office support. With Responsive, realtors will have state of the art realtor call center support working for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inbound and Outbound calls work both ways in the Real Estate industry. We can receive calls to schedule visits, RSVP for open houses, or even provide information about particular properties for sale. If you have a client base, we can call everyone on the list to inform them about events like open houses, or perhaps a price reduction on houses they demonstrated interest on. We can also provide busy real estate agents with excellent phone coverage when they’re not available to take calls.

When your realtor agents are at a property showcasing it, they really can’t stop to take a call. Often times they’ll be driving customers to a new location and it’s not polite or convenient for them to talk to other bidding customers in their presence. Unfortunately, turning down calls will likely cause your business to lose potential sales. Responsive Call Center knows your needs and provides you with the best solutions the real estate industry demands.

Our real estate call center operators are able to let your buyers know exactly why their agents are not answering their calls to give them peace of mind. We can also transmit their exact requests for call backs or information at the agent’s disposal. With Responsive Call Center real estate solutions, no call goes unanswered, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“We do commercial and residential property management and have used Responsive Call Center for over 5 years and consider their agents a critical part of our business. I would recommend them to any business.”

“Responsive Call Center has provided Gaffney Housing Authority with after-hours maintenance telephone service since May 13, 2009. They have given the Authority excellent service. Responsive operators provide us with great customer service. Responsive call center has always been willing to help solve any issues that arise both in a timely manner and very efficient way.”

“Responsive Call Center has provided The Lofts of Greenville with great service over the year for all our answering service needs. We are very satisfied with their company.”