Legal Call Center Solutions

Responsive’s Legal Call Center can help your law practice become more productive when your front office person goes to lunch or the court proceedings are extended.  Practices can be assured that we have smart and well-trained agents that speak in a professional manner.   Responsive’s legal call center agents follow your custom scripts to answer and direct calls according to your protocol.  Our 24 hour phone answering service company ensures all possible clients are captured and no opportunities are missed.

Since the legal industry demands high professionalism, it is only fitting that it uses an equally professional legal call center service. Experience has taught Responsive Call Center that a law firm should have an outsourced answering service.  Lawyers are very busy people whose work is very time consuming. Answering third party calls in front of a paying client renders an attorney as being unprofessional.  At the same time however, sending incoming calls to voicemail all day, will decimate an attorneys’ opportunities for new business.

Our legal call center solutions work well because we hire well-versed, educated representatives that are fully aware of the field they’re working in and respond accordingly. Legal clients deal with serious problems which demand empathy and constant attention. By working with your knowledge base, Responsive’s 24 hour phone answering service staff will know what issues clients are experiencing and provide them with the answers they need. We will work with your law firm’s lawyers to ensure no communication is lost and provide both inbound and outbound legal call center solutions for them.

Outsourcing your law firm’s call management to a company that becomes an extension of your business will not only make your business look more prosperous but it will also optimize your communication.  Call us today and discover how we can tailor our services to fit yours, at very affordable prices.


“We have been using Responsive Call Center for approximately 20 years. We find the service to be professional and courteous and extremely helpful. We recommend it to anyone in need of this type of service.”