Construction Call Center

We understand that your line of work requires talking to people in person, driving, carrying heavy objects, and being overall, too busy to simply drop everything to take a call. Responsive’s construction call center services can take your company calls for you and deliver them when you want us to, how you want us to, to the right people.

Construction sites are very busy and loud places. Taking calls in these locations not only make it difficult for your prospects to communicate with you, it also presents a safety hazard. By hiring Responsive Call Center for your construction company, you will grant your customers a clean, comfortable line of communication. An added benefit of having an inbound call center work for you is that we become an extension of your business. Do you need certain workers dispatched to certain locations once a week? No problem, our outbound call center solutions can do that for you. Do you need only certain types of calls transferred to your workers and others rejected? Responsive inbound call center solution scan take care of that as well.

With Responsive’s call center services you’ll have a constant, uninterrupted human presence taking care of all your construction calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“Thank You Responsive Call Center. You are extremely professional, dependable and offer great service.”