Support Your Brand’s Social Efforts in 2018

Support Your Brand's Social Efforts in 2018

Handling customer satisfaction through social media platforms was an idea that many people could not comprehend less than 10 years ago. A few years ago, it may have been questionable whether social media could be a way to take care of customers or market products. Today, social media is used more and more to address consumers’ questions and concerns, therefore, it is advisable to review the various platforms and how they can benefit your business.

Social Customer Efforts are evolving

While some customers still prefer face-to-face or over the phone interaction, many consumers turn to social media as their first choice when contacting a company they do business with. Most people will expect a reply to their social media comment or question within a day or even hours. Managing customer satisfaction on a social media platform is difficult as it is there for everyone to see, at any time. Transparency and professionalism are the most important features when responding to customers.

Social media platforms allow consumers to speak and be heard by many. They can easily post on your social channel whenever they have a question or concern, and expect to be heard. It has been found that businesses who treat these interactions with their customers with respect and address their concerns promptly, benefit greatly.

Responsive Call Center is the Answer

As more businesses turn to technology to handle their social interactions, it is clear that robotic responses will not survive. The modern consumer prefers organic interactions. Scripts and robotic responses are not acceptable to today’s consumers; they prefer to interact with someone who is “listening” to them and is capable of offering a reasonable solution.

The representative needs to have an understanding of the brand and their goals in order to be effective. Here are some other skills an effective agent can demonstrate:

  • • The ability to make good decisions on the spot
  • • The ability to cope with tough interactions professionally
  • • Excellent writing skills
  • • Appropriate sense of humor
  • • The ability to handle technology and stay up to date with the latest features of the social platforms
  • • Show empathy when appropriate

Once the foundation has been laid, ongoing training should be required of all agents to make sure everyone is comfortable with the ever-evolving social platforms.

Companies are using various social platforms to interact with consumers, therefore, every business needs to keep up with social media strategies and train agents to quickly respond to the demands of customer social interactions.

If your business needs assistance maintaining your social media efforts, contact Responsive Call Center today – it’s all in our name. We are here to help!

The Quality Assurance Challenge: Meeting Your Quality Assurance Needs

The Quality Assurance Challenge: Meeting Your Quality Assurance Needs

Successful businesses are driven by great customer service. If a client is satisfied or has a positive customer experience, he will work with this business again in the future, and he will also inform his peers about it. One way to achieve quality customer service is the quality assurance challenge. With this approach you guarantee that your clients are receiving quality service.

There are a few important steps that you need to take in order to meet your quality assurance needs. In this blog, we provide you with important factors that will make you excel at the quality assurance challenge.

  • • Transparency

    Transparency is a key component in meeting your quality assurance needs. Each interaction with the customer needs to be as honest as possible. Doing so, you can avoid misunderstandings and your clients will be happy to recommend you to others. Keep expectations simple and clear, so that your clients will understand exactly what you are capable of delivering and that you are doing your best to fulfill your promises.

  • • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

    Great customer satisfaction requires you to place yourself in your clients’ position. In order to meet your quality assurance needs, you need to master customer satisfaction. One way to test this is to call your company pretending to be a client or prospect.  Were you pleased with the way your employees answered the call? Were all of your questions answered? Did your employees treat you well? If your answer is yes to every question, your chances of succeeding at the quality assurance challenge improve.

  • • Responsiveness

    Responsiveness is one of the key factors that will guarantee a successful business. Your client’s issues and concerns must be addressed quickly and efficiently every time. Even if you are unable to offer a solution to a customer’s issue immediately, they will appreciate that their concerns are being heard.

  • • Consistency

    Being consistent is an important aspect of meeting your quality assurance needs. It involves respecting everything that was mentioned above and performing proficiently on each interaction with the customer. Many businesses lose clients because over time they fail at providing consistent quality service to their older clients and shift their focus on newer clients. Staying consistent and doing a good job will always lead to great customer experience and business growth.

Experimenting with different call handling flows and comparing the results can help you find the most successful strategy. Try using a different approach each day and compare the results. Once you identify what makes a satisfied client, be consistent and use it in everything that you do. When you identify something that does not work, make a note and eliminate this from your process moving forward.

There are many ways to improve your customer service experience, as long as you have a team of specialists working together. Since your quality assurance team are facing different challenges every day, they know what works best, and they are a key in succeeding in your quality assurance challenge.

Responsive Call Center can help meet your quality assurance needs, no matter the size or industry of your business. Call Responsive Call Center today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Scale Your Business: Let Responsive Help with Order Management

Let Responsive Help with Order Management

Handling repeated incoming calls and managing orders from customers can be hard to keep up with as your business grows requiring you to quickly scale your order management process. When customers call to place orders, placing them on hold while they wait for someone to become  available can result in lost sales. At the same time, you would hate to tell your team to rush through their sales calls because you are trying to provide the best customer care possible or miss out on any cross-sale opportunities simply because team members are trying to quickly clear call ques.

What if we told you there is a better alternative? And that you would be able to allocate your limited time to more important matters yet still have orders being handled with excellent customer service!

With Responsive Call Center on your side, we work as an extension of your own private team managing your customer’s orders and providing the same exceptional service you would expect from your internal teams. Our call center experts can assist with taking orders and processing them all year round, even during your peak season!

If you already have an Order Management System (OMS) in place, the representatives at Responsive Call Center will be trained to work with your system per your directives. They are able to follow your instructions for:

  • • Lead capturing
  • • Validating information
  • • Fraud checking
  • • Sourcing
  • • Confirming deliveries
  • • And more

Our goal is to act as an extension of your internal teams so we train our call center representatives to provide the important information your customers are looking for each and every time they call. Experienced operators can provide the following:

  • • Product information
  • • Stock availability
  • • Order status
  • • Dispatch management
  • • And more

Should a problem arise during a call, our call center representatives are able to rely on the expertise of a supervisor or pass a call on to be handled by a supervisor. We understand that escalated calls should be handled professionally and promptly so we are ready to do so.

Responsive Call Center knows that order management is critical to your success and outsourcing this aspect of your operation to experienced professionals helps you cut costs and improve the order processing experience for your customers and lets you focus on growing your business instead.

Call Responsive Call Center today to discuss how we can help you meet your goals for Order Management.

Order Taking: Sure, We Can Help

Order Management

A phone ringing with customers eager to place orders is a positive sign for your business growth but to ensure customer satisfaction the order must be taken down properly. Order taking and management requires time and attention to detail.

If your growing business needs customer service representatives who can answer calls and take orders, Responsive Call Center’s team of professional representatives can help your business. We are available to take orders and process them 24/7. Our representatives can provide:

  • Product information
  • Stock availability
  • Order processing
  • Order status updates
  • Dispatch management

Does your business already have an Order Management System (OMS) in place? No problem. We will work with your team to ensure our representatives are fully trained and well versed in how to use your OMS so it can be integrated with our own system. Every member of our call center order management team follows processes including:

  • Lead capturing
  • Validating information
  • Fraud checking
  • Sourcing
  • Confirming deliveries

Our live order management call center representatives are able to provide customers with tracking information and details. If your company works with consultants, repairmen, or stores that only serve customers in a specific geographic area, we can merge your database with our system so that your customers always have the most accurate information possible.

Responsive Call Center’s team is well trained and our call centers are fully equipped and staffed to take and process your orders according to your specifications. There are always supervisors on hand to monitor calls and support our representatives if anything urgent comes up or if there are any escalated calls. We will treat every caller with the utmost respect and professionalism so they always feel their needs are being met. As your partner in this endeavor, Responsive Call Center takes this responsibility seriously and will ensure your callers feel as though they are speaking to members of your own team.

We understand your business is your main priority, so let us take care of the rest. Call us today to see how we can help – (855) 969-0009.

When Disaster Strikes, We’re Here to Make Sure Your Customers Are Taken Care Of

Hiring an Answering Service Before a Disaster Strikes

We have recently seen the damage that a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, can do to a community. A natural disaster can happen at any time, sometimes without warning and if we are lucky, the worst that we will deal with is a lack of power. Therefore, it’s important to always have a disaster recovery answering service ready for action.

But, if you own a business, especially one that has customers all over the country and relies heavily on Internet access, phones, and electricity to run successfully, a storm could wipe you out.

While some businesses can take months to years before they fully recover, a lot of businesses don’t come back because the loss of business during the aftermath was too financially damaging. The government actually estimates that roughly 40% of small companies never reopen following a weather-related disaster.

If a lot of your business is conducted over the phone, it is critical to have a back-up plan to safeguard your business, such as a disaster recovery call center.

Plan for the Worst and Hope for the Best

The idea of a natural disaster coming in and wiping out our communities is horrible in and of itself. And while the chances of this happening are slim, we have to plan for the worst.

In areas that are prone to earthquakes, all new construction takes this into account. In areas where extremely cold weather can turn into dangerous blizzards, our city government plans for school closings. Homes in hurricane areas often come with hurricane shutters or impact windows, but what are we doing to protect our businesses? Most often, the phone lines are down as well, so these solutions will not help our business function as usual.

Keep Business Booming – While You Work on the Repairs

Professional answering services can manage business calls, such as canceling appointments, notifying customers of the situation at hand, or even taking orders for customers who are not in the same area. An answering service can also manage notifying your employees about the current conditions at your business and whether or not they will need to report to the office. All of these duties taken off your hands, can bring you peace of mind.

Every region of the globe faces potential risks for natural disasters and the best way to handle them is to be prepared. Stock up on food and water, learn where the nearest shelters are, have backup generators, come up with an emergency plan and having a safeguard for your business to avoid experiencing downtime.

Call Responsive Call Center to discuss how we can help you be better prepared when disaster strikes.