When Disaster Strikes, We’re Here to Make Sure Your Customers Are Taken Care Of

Hiring an Answering Service Before a Disaster Strikes

We have recently seen the damage that a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, can do to a community. A natural disaster can happen at any time, sometimes without warning and if we are lucky, the worst that we will deal with is a lack of power. Therefore, it’s important to always have a disaster recovery answering service ready for action.

But, if you own a business, especially one that has customers all over the country and relies heavily on Internet access, phones, and electricity to run successfully, a storm could wipe you out.

While some businesses can take months to years before they fully recover, a lot of businesses don’t come back because the loss of business during the aftermath was too financially damaging. The government actually estimates that roughly 40% of small companies never reopen following a weather-related disaster.

If a lot of your business is conducted over the phone, it is critical to have a back-up plan to safeguard your business, such as a disaster recovery call center.

Plan for the Worst and Hope for the Best

The idea of a natural disaster coming in and wiping out our communities is horrible in and of itself. And while the chances of this happening are slim, we have to plan for the worst.

In areas that are prone to earthquakes, all new construction takes this into account. In areas where extremely cold weather can turn into dangerous blizzards, our city government plans for school closings. Homes in hurricane areas often come with hurricane shutters or impact windows, but what are we doing to protect our businesses? Most often, the phone lines are down as well, so these solutions will not help our business function as usual.

Keep Business Booming – While You Work on the Repairs

Professional answering services can manage business calls, such as canceling appointments, notifying customers of the situation at hand, or even taking orders for customers who are not in the same area. An answering service can also manage notifying your employees about the current conditions at your business and whether or not they will need to report to the office. All of these duties taken off your hands, can bring you peace of mind.

Every region of the globe faces potential risks for natural disasters and the best way to handle them is to be prepared. Stock up on food and water, learn where the nearest shelters are, have backup generators, come up with an emergency plan and having a safeguard for your business to avoid experiencing downtime.

Call Responsive Call Center to discuss how we can help you be better prepared when disaster strikes.

Industry Spotlight: Construction

Construction Call Center Services

When was the last time you drove by a quiet construction site?

Construction sites are far from quiet making them a very difficult place to take a phone call if you have any hope of hearing the person on the other end.

Construction sites are notorious for being loud, and require a great deal of attention to detail, as well as the different things going on around. Construction workers need to be focused on their surroundings to maintain their safety and the safety of those around them.

A professional call center can act as a middleman for these calls, gathering valuable information and delivering this information to the site manager in any format such as a text message, an email or a call at a specified time. Call center services for construction businesses can make a huge impact in the day-to-day communication between the construction business and the client.

Stay Focused on the Job

Safety comes first, always. Every call that comes in to your construction company is important but can also be an  interruption that may lead to injury or damage to the property you are working on. Let professional call center agents handle incoming calls so that you can maintain safety on the job site at all times.

Never Miss a Call Because You Didn’t Hear Your Phone

Calls coming in can range from highly critical (investors or property owners with urgent questions) to scheduling appointments, employee questions, to even neighbors looking for information.). Construction sites are loud, and it is often difficult to maintain a conversation, let alone hear a phone ringing. Missed calls are never good for business. A call center will answer every call, and handle delivering the details to you in a convenient manner.

Construction is a complicated business that can become even more difficult when calls are coming in on the job site. Lean on a professional call center service to ensure the job site is safe and that all of your calls are answered timely and professionally. Professional call center services for construction businesses help companies maintain efficient communication with clients, vendors, investors, suppliers and employees.

Call Responsive Call Center today to discuss the options available to your construction company.

Call Centers Can Increase Effectiveness with Social Media

Call Centers Can Increase Effectiveness with Social Media

Communication between a business and a customer no longer only exists over the phone or in person. Social media started as a way for individuals to connect with friends, family, and like-minded individuals in a common network. As these networks became increasingly popular, businesses found value in joining in the conversations or starting new ones about their products and services within these platforms.

Customers now look to social media for more than just pictures of their friends or kids. Social media users also want to connect with the brands they do business with across all networks. Instagram users enjoy scrolling through curated images of products and locations, while Twitter users enjoy small snippets of current events. A simple visit to any major brand’s page across either of these channels will show that customers use these places to have a one-on-one conversation with the brand.

Social media offers a lot to brands, far more than just a way to communicate with existing and potential customers. Social networks are beneficial because you can get a sense of who your target market is faster and spend less money than by conducting a traditional focus group.

Share New Products Before They Launch

Most businesses look to social media to increase excitement over an upcoming product or service. Using these networks can help the brand field any questions about the new release before it goes to market, making the customer more prepared to purchase on launch date.

A Conversation on Social Media Acts as a Town Hall

More than likely, there are two or more of your customers out there with the same exact question. If one customer asks a question on social media and you answer it publicly, you have just solved another person’s issue without an increase in effort. This saves you time and it also saved your second customer from having to reach out.

Decrease Customer Pain Points

It’s not always easy to locate customer service numbers when you need them. It’s a lot easier for your social media savvy customer to pull up Twitter and ask your brand directly. Reaching out via social media is a far more personal experience and in most cases, the customer will know that a response is coming very soon.

Social Media Conversations are Transparent

For a customer and the brand, a conversation that exists online is open to the public for viewing. Customers will feel like they’re being heard and you can publicly help walk them through their concerns. How you handle this issue will be a public record for your other customers and will also show your commitment to customer success.

How Call Centers Can Increase Effectiveness

A call center can help you respond quickly to customers’ questions and concerns via social media, just like they can over the phone. The agents at Responsive Call Center are rigorously trained in your procedures and protocol, providing you with a seamless brand presence on all platforms of communication. This not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also saves you time and money.

Whether your brand has an existing social media presence or you’re just starting to dip your toe into the water – it’s time to consider adding customer service via social media to your offerings for your customers. Responsive Call Center can help you do that by responding to social media posts and private messages on behalf of your company, giving your customers the immediate response they are looking for. Contact us today!

Industry Spotlight: Leisure & Travel

Industry Spotlight - Leisure and Travel

Planning a vacation is an exciting time that can also be overwhelming to the vacationer especially if they are traveling to an area they are not familiar with. A great experience can start with the first phone call to book the trip and can extend beyond returning home.

For businesses who are in travel and leisure, things are often hectic. Guests that are currently on-site need assistance, making it difficult to manage incoming calls and reservation bookings. A professional call center can ensure that all of a customer’s needs are met, regardless of where they are.

Never Miss a Call or a Potential Booking

When it comes to vacationing, an idea for a trip can spark at any moment. Whether it is good friends who are discussing an island getaway over Sunday brunch or a couple who are celebrating their anniversary and are interested in a last-minute getaway, calls can happen when you least expect them to. Each call is an opportunity to educate potential guests about your services and to set the stage for what can be expected by traveling with you.

Call centers can remain open 24/7 with no blackout dates or times so each call is answered when it comes in.

Don’t be Limited by a Language Barrier

Everyone enjoys taking a vacation or holiday, which means that anyone from around the globe could call your business to book a trip. But employing staff with multiple language options can be costly. Look for a professional call center that staffs individuals that are bilingual, or even multilingual.

Receive Calls from All Over the World with International Numbers

One of the first steps toward creating a quality experience for your guests is making it easy to contact you via international numbers. A professional call center can handle providing numbers for any location you plan to market your vacation or travel packages.

Monitor, Track & Record Calls to Guarantee Quality Service

Without a quality call tracking system, you cannot guarantee that customers are receiving the best service. Imagine a call from a guest to book a trip and then the guest has a change of heart and calls to say they did not authorize a charge on their credit card. With a professional call center, you can leverage high-quality technology to show proof that a trip was booked and from there can discuss your refund policy.

Give your customers the experience they deserve from the first minute they decide to book a trip with you. From answering simple questions about your location to having us do a follow up call to learn how the trip went, Responsive Call Center can do it all!

Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business and increase your bookings.


Responsive Answering Service: Winner of 3 Awards of Excellence from ATSI

Responsive Answering Service: Winner of 3 Awards of Excellence from ATSI

The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) recently bestowed their 2017 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service to three offices of Responsive Answering Service. The award is presented annually by the ATSI which is the industry’s Trade Association for providers of telecommunications and call center services including telephone answering and message delivery services throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

A photo accompanying this press release is available here.

The awards were presented to Responsive Answering Service at ATSI’s 2017 Annual Convention in Chicago, IL. The awards were given to the locations in:

  • Responsive Answering Service of Fort Myers, FL (Intercept of Florida)
  • Responsive Answering Service of Marietta, GA (Northwest Answering Service)
  • Responsive Answering Service of Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh Answering Service)

The ATSI contracts independent judges to evaluate message services during a period of six months. These judges are looking at response time, courteousness of the representative, accuracy of the call, knowledge of the account and an overall impression of the call.

“We are deeply honored and grateful for this recognition. Our centers and staff are committed in creating a service excellence culture. We all have been working hard in making sure that our customers’ needs are always at the forefront of all our communications. My team embarked in an important project to create processes and protocols that ensure clients’ communications are handled with care, attention and, confidentiality. I’d like to thank the teams at each of these offices for their excellent performance and dedication!” said George Otte, President and CEO of Otte Polo Group – the parent company of Responsive Answering Service.

Looking for a method by which they could improve the overall quality of the call center industry, the ATSI has been giving the Award for 21 years. They were looking to ensure successful call handling experiences. At Otte Polo, we are beyond thrilled to have had three Responsive Answering Service locations named this year and will continue to strive for excellence.

About Responsive Answering Service

Responsive Answering is a privately owned, nationwide, professional telephone answering and call centers service company. George Otte, President and CEO, has turned Responsive Answering into an international conglomerate of six independent call answering businesses that operate from six different centers in North, Central and South America.

To read the press release click here.