Industry Spotlight: Leisure & Travel

Industry Spotlight - Leisure and Travel

Planning a vacation is an exciting time that can also be overwhelming to the vacationer especially if they are traveling to an area they are not familiar with. A great experience can start with the first phone call to book the trip and can extend beyond returning home.

For businesses who are in travel and leisure, things are often hectic. Guests that are currently on-site need assistance, making it difficult to manage incoming calls and reservation bookings. A professional call center can ensure that all of a customer’s needs are met, regardless of where they are.

Never Miss a Call or a Potential Booking

When it comes to vacationing, an idea for a trip can spark at any moment. Whether it is good friends who are discussing an island getaway over Sunday brunch or a couple who are celebrating their anniversary and are interested in a last-minute getaway, calls can happen when you least expect them to. Each call is an opportunity to educate potential guests about your services and to set the stage for what can be expected by traveling with you.

Call centers can remain open 24/7 with no blackout dates or times so each call is answered when it comes in.

Don’t be Limited by a Language Barrier

Everyone enjoys taking a vacation or holiday, which means that anyone from around the globe could call your business to book a trip. But employing staff with multiple language options can be costly. Look for a professional call center that staffs individuals that are bilingual, or even multilingual.

Receive Calls from All Over the World with International Numbers

One of the first steps toward creating a quality experience for your guests is making it easy to contact you via international numbers. A professional call center can handle providing numbers for any location you plan to market your vacation or travel packages.

Monitor, Track & Record Calls to Guarantee Quality Service

Without a quality call tracking system, you cannot guarantee that customers are receiving the best service. Imagine a call from a guest to book a trip and then the guest has a change of heart and calls to say they did not authorize a charge on their credit card. With a professional call center, you can leverage high-quality technology to show proof that a trip was booked and from there can discuss your refund policy.

Give your customers the experience they deserve from the first minute they decide to book a trip with you. From answering simple questions about your location to having us do a follow up call to learn how the trip went, Responsive Call Center can do it all!

Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business and increase your bookings.


Responsive Answering Service: Winner of 3 Awards of Excellence from ATSI

Responsive Answering Service: Winner of 3 Awards of Excellence from ATSI

The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) recently bestowed their 2017 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service to three offices of Responsive Answering Service. The award is presented annually by the ATSI which is the industry’s Trade Association for providers of telecommunications and call center services including telephone answering and message delivery services throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

A photo accompanying this press release is available here.

The awards were presented to Responsive Answering Service at ATSI’s 2017 Annual Convention in Chicago, IL. The awards were given to the locations in:

  • Responsive Answering Service of Fort Myers, FL (Intercept of Florida)
  • Responsive Answering Service of Marietta, GA (Northwest Answering Service)
  • Responsive Answering Service of Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh Answering Service)

The ATSI contracts independent judges to evaluate message services during a period of six months. These judges are looking at response time, courteousness of the representative, accuracy of the call, knowledge of the account and an overall impression of the call.

“We are deeply honored and grateful for this recognition. Our centers and staff are committed in creating a service excellence culture. We all have been working hard in making sure that our customers’ needs are always at the forefront of all our communications. My team embarked in an important project to create processes and protocols that ensure clients’ communications are handled with care, attention and, confidentiality. I’d like to thank the teams at each of these offices for their excellent performance and dedication!” said George Otte, President and CEO of Otte Polo Group – the parent company of Responsive Answering Service.

Looking for a method by which they could improve the overall quality of the call center industry, the ATSI has been giving the Award for 21 years. They were looking to ensure successful call handling experiences. At Otte Polo, we are beyond thrilled to have had three Responsive Answering Service locations named this year and will continue to strive for excellence.

About Responsive Answering Service

Responsive Answering is a privately owned, nationwide, professional telephone answering and call centers service company. George Otte, President and CEO, has turned Responsive Answering into an international conglomerate of six independent call answering businesses that operate from six different centers in North, Central and South America.

To read the press release click here.

How to Polish up your Prospects with Lead Screening & Qualification Services

How to Polish up your Prospects with Lead Screening & Qualification Services

Building a sales funnel of high quality leads takes an enormous amount of time and resources from your sales representatives. Imagine if you could have each of your leads pre-qualified before they ever reach your sales rep. Your sales team spends a lot of time cold-calling unqualified leads in hopes of reaching a qualified, interested prospect.

Depending on where you purchase your lead lists or how your prospects are ending up in your funnel, there may be a lot of calls made in order to determine a qualified lead versus an unqualified lead. These unqualified leads are clogging up your sales agent’s time. Each call they make is a moment that they are off the phone with a qualified prospect. A professional lead scoring service can take the heavy lifting off your sales department, so that they can focus on closing qualified leads.

Here are some of the benefits of Responsive Call Center’s affordable lead screening service that you should consider:

Better Quality Leads means More Conversions

Lead scoring and qualification services does not mean you will bring in more leads but it does ensure that the leads you have are of higher quality and more likely to make a purchase, or convert.

Increased Sales Productivity

Your sales agents will be able to focus their efforts on prospects that are genuinely interested in making a purchase. Sales agents can spend their time following up on leads with contacts, building relationships, or even touching base with converted leads in order to see if they can recommend potential customers. These tasks can seem difficult when a majority of the sales agents’ time is spent contacting unqualified leads.

Better Alignment Between Sales & Marketing

Your marketing team probably has a lot of concerns about when they surface leads to the sales team. This concern can be a result of poor communication between the departments or a lack of knowledge on when your prospects are deep enough within the funnel.

A lead scoring relationship can help provide marketing with valuable information about the leads that they are collecting early on. The sooner the marketing team understands their prospects, the sooner they can shift their strategies to better serve the sales department.

With a professional lead scoring service such as Responsive Call Center behind you, you will set your business up for success. Your sales team will be more productive since their time will be spent on quality conversations. Contact us today and let’s discuss how the lead screening and qualification service can help your company.

Hola? – Why You Need a Bilingual Call Center

Bilingual Call Center
In our multicultural country, offering bilingual call center services can help you stay ahead of the competition.  Spanish is currently the second most common spoken language in the United States, with 34.8 million Hispanics speaking Spanish at home, according to Pew Research. This is a large segment of the American population and business owners would be prudent to find ways to serve them well.

Each call that your business receives is valuable, and if you cannot solve the problems due to a language barrier, you may end up losing that customer. Unfortunately, staffing Spanish-speaking call center agents can be costly and it can be a struggle to train without the proper resources. A professional call center can help take away these concerns by handling your bilingual needs.

Bilingual Call Option Improves Customer Service

Customers whose first language is not English may struggle when attempting to communicate with your English call center agents. This can make your calls last longer than necessary, frustrate your customers who cannot communicate their feelings, and potentially damage your relationship. For individuals who don’t speak English, it is a breath of fresh air to call a business and have the option to speak in the language they know best.

Expand Your Business Without the Extra Expenses

Opening a multilingual call center can be costly, especially when you consider the additional leadership needed to manage Spanish scripts or monitor calls to ensure transparency and accuracy. With a professional call center, you won’t have to be concerned about the backend work needed to hire and manage a multilingual staff. We will handle all of that for you.

Professional Experience for Customers

Today, almost every large business offers customers the choice of speaking to English or Spanish speaking representatives. As a result, this has come to be an expected option. By offering your customers this option, you will position yourselves as professional services within your industry. Additionally, you will meet your customer’s needs which will, in turn, make them feel more comfortable calling you, doing business with you and referring you in the future.

Offering a multilingual customer service option for your clients is no longer simply a nice perk, it’s a must. To learn more about Responsive Call Center’s multilingual options, contact us today!

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should be Outsourcing Their Customer Service Processes

Outsourcing Customer Service
When you own or manage a small business, you may often feel that some of the greatest resources are out of reach. Due to small budgets or a lack of support, you may feel that your business’ potential to grow is limited. It is because of this that many small businesses often fail to identify opportunities that could lead to increased profits.

Both large and small businesses routinely outsource services like payroll processing, accounting, marketing, and many other critical business functions. Outsourcing customer service processes is quickly becoming a valuable service for many small businesses as a way to scale to need and cut costs.

Here are some ways that your small business can benefit from outsourcing your customer processes to a professional answering service:

  1. 1. Grow with Demand as It’s Needed
    When your business is growing, you will go through waves of the amount of volume you receive on any given day. An experienced answering service can scale to these needs with no effort on your part.
  2. 2. Minimize Your Overhead Costs
    As your business grows, your expenses will as well. You will need to hire, train, and insure each person that joins your team and provide those individuals with a workspace and computer. When you invest in a professional answering service, those expenses are a thing of the past.
  3. 3. Quick Set up When the Time Comes
    When you’re setting up a call center for your business, you can expect weeks or even  months to pass before you’re fully operational.
  4. 4. Focus on Growth, Not on the Day to Day
    Most small business owners will tell you that they wear many hats – they handle the marketing, the paperwork, the management, the product, and so on. It is because of this that many rely heavily on consultant services so that they can put their efforts toward growing their business. Call centers make it easy for business owners to focus on being where their prospects are so that they can nurture that relationship.
  5. 5. Attend to Your Customers 24/7
    It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, your customers can call at any time. An answering service makes it easy to keep your business “open” 24/7 without additional costs.

We understand that your small business is something that you take a lot of pride in and we respect that. If you’re interested in growing your business by partnering with a professional call center, consider partnering with one that can scale to meet your needs. Responsive Call Center understands the needs of small businesses. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow.